Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Maintenance and Updating of Form 3C made easy for practicing doctors

We recently developed a Google App for medical practitioners who run their own clinics. Filing Form No. 3C is an Income tax department prerequisite for all doctors running their clinics. This includes practitioners of any system of medicine, i.e. surgeons, physicians, pathologists, radiologists, dentists, hakims and so on.

The Form No. 3C most times includes details like date, patient’s name, nature of professional services rendered, fees received, date and number of receipt. A tedious and mundane task but one which can’t be avoided. This app is a result of extensive research work and expert opinion from medical professionals. With a mission to reduce the unnecessary hassles of filing Form 3C, we developed a Doc3C Google app to aid hassle free record keeping.

Key Features:
1. Collaborative work can be done and updates can be made in real time.
2. No versions or duplicates of the original copy of Form 3C.
3. Limited access to Form 3C is possible (Only reading rights).
4. Easy sharing, commenting and reviewing.
5. Can be updated at anyplace anytime with internet availability.
6. No more exchanging of e-mails, pen-drives or cds.
7. Increased transparency among accountants and doctors.

A practical and easy to use app targeted to small clinics. It allows efficient data management without the need of passing data back and forth. Thus, no more misplaced or delayed reports. Your work is systematized and always updated.

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